23-26 september 2014
Moscow Crocus Expo IEC hall 14

About exhibition

«PIR. Equipment for restaurants» is the main exhibition in Russia for experts in the professional equipment field of the segment «Ho.Re.Ca». An extensive exhibition exposition presents key domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of equipment for restaurants, automation systems, professional cookware, kitchen utensils and furniture.



  • Automatisation and
    control systems
  • Kitchen utensils
    and accessories
  • Restaurant furniture,
    bar counters
  • Professional kitchen equipment
  • Tableware and cutlery Textile
  • Restaurant uniform
  • Trade equipment
  • Serving items and decor
  • Disposable tableware
    and packaging

Exhibition plan

  • Exhibition of Italy
  • Exhibition of Turkey
  • Exhibition of China
  • Exhibition of France
  • Exhibition of Germany
  • Automated control systems
  • Business zone
Italy Сollective exhibition of tools and equipment manufactures from Italy.
China Сollective exhibition of tools and equipment manufactures from China.
France Сollective exhibition of tools and equipment manufactures from France.
Turkey Сollective exhibition of tools and equipment manufactures from Turkey.
Business Zone Professional business platform for suppliers of professional equipment.
Automated control systems Salon of suppliers and manufacturers of automated control systems for restaurants.
Germany Сollective exhibition of tools and equipment manufactures from Germany.

Business Zone

Only for restaurant equipment suppliers
Special services
  • Negotiations
  • Manager zone
    (information services
    the business area, help in
    search of companies and events,
    extended information on the
    structure and themes of the
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Office equipment
  • Additional information about brands, types and product categories
  • Recharge mobile electronics
  • Hot and soft drinks
About Business Zone
About Business Zone: Professional equipment suppliers are a key audience of the exhibition. The main participants of the exhibition, particularly manufacturers and their official distributors, set hopes on them. "The Business Zone" gives a chance to make an interaction among them more effective at the exhibition. A number of additional services will optimize their time.
You can visit the "Business Zone" only if you
have a special badge


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  • PizzaShow
  • The Business forum


The main and the most large-scale PIR Expo project which is intended to provide a better understanding of Russian cuisine and Russian products, discover new flavor combinations and cooking technologies. The project aims to introduce Russian cuisine to the world as a self-sustainable, competitive and interesting gastronomic trend, emphasizing the importance of Russian regional products.

This year the project features:

  • Russian Cuisine round-table discussion
    How can the culinary traditions of our country be brought back to life? How to take Russian cuisine to a new higher level and make it internationally recognized? We will be waiting for you to discuss the hottest topics together with the leading experts!
  • Gastronomicsummit
    During 30-minute presentations more than 20 top professionals and experts will share their experience and knowledge with the expo visitors.
  • Russian products street
    For the first time in 2014 will feature regional products expo which is a unique opportunity for the chefs, restaurant owners and managers not only to try some new products, but also to make supply deals.
  • Russian PIR restaurant cup
    New! The competitions between restaurants representing Russian cuisine



For the first time ever! PIR Expo Exhibition Project invites you to participate in a contest of a brand new format – Russian PIR restaurant cup!

Russian PIR is a battle of Russian cuisine restaurants fighting like almighty Russian heroes. The participants will have to showcase their professionalism and highest level of cooking skills, deep knowledge of Russian cuisinee and newest technologies.

Russian PIR is a trendy event attracting keen interest from mass media.

Mere participating in the final round of Russian PIR itself testifies to the high status of the competing restaurant and gives new industry players a green light to enter the world of restaurant business professionals.

The competition will feature two rounds: during the first one participants will have to submit a video presenting their restaurant (the due date is June 15). The second round will include practical contests on the premises of PIR Expo.


Would you like to stay updated on the latest tendencies? Are you following the restaurant trends? Are you looking for the last-minute information on the industry novelties? If these questions resonate with you, our Restaurant business managers’ school events should be on your must-visit list!

Restaurant business managers’ school is one of the most successful and large-scale educational projects in Moscow.

Expert opinions and real-life stories, practical tips and theoretical knowledge, tested in real Russian market conditions – all the aspects are covered by the curriculum! It also includes more than 40 business events on various topics:

  • How to build your business
  • How to hire people
  • How to increase sales
  • How to grow from a single restaurant to a chain
  • Which trends and novelties will appear on the industry scene this year
  • All this and much more on one stage!

NEW! Some novelties of 2014:

  • Take part in a seminar and get a certificate upon completion from Moscow biggest business-schools!
  • Participate in a business-game: one seminar including theory and practice.
  • For our guests only we are setting up an educational evening program: you will have a chance to visit a restaurant, pose your questions to the executives and chefs and enjoy a special set menu. Combine business with pleasure!

Exhibition project PIR Expo is working on a fascinating program for 2014, packed with informative master classes, which will be of great interest for cooks and confectioners looking for professional development.

The master classes will cover a variety of topics and schools: from timeless classics to latest trends. In 2014 our visitors will have a chance to meet chefs from Moscow’s top restaurants and check what’s cooking there.

If you would like to maximize your PIR Expo visiting experience and bring home new ideas along with invaluable networking experience, we are waiting for you!


All-Russian Culinary Congress will not only give you the chance to visit practical master-classes, but also to meet the best chefs! Starting from the last year, PIR Expo offers a perfect range of restaurant excursions. You will be able to enjoy specially designed set menus, explore how kitchens operate and talk to chefs, asking them all the questions bothering you in a casual environment.

Make the most out of your Moscow evening! Indulge yourself and enjoy a few days of «gastronomic holidays»!

In collaboration with Cateringconsalting.ru

Cateringforum is a rapidly growing project featuring more and more new interesting programs and activitiesfor participants and for partners of the project.The catering segment of HoReCa sees positive changes as the catering industry is developing and expanding from year to year with new projects rolling out and new suppliers of food and equipment emerging on the industry scene. The project is designed to help new catering companies and catering equipment manufacturers establish their presence in the market.

The 2014 version of Catering embraces:

  • Exhibition
    Manufacturers and suppliers of food;raw, pre-cooked and ready-to-eat meals; specialized equipment for centralized production, inventory, crockery, cutlery, textile and furniture.Featuring foreign and Russian companies.
  • Comprehensive program of seminars and master classes from the industry leading experts.
    The topics to be covered include main trends of the catering industry: from the organization of corporate catering and transport catering to luxury catering. The seminars will be delivered by the owners and managers of Russia’s top catering companies and international operators.
  • Catering Cupcompetition
    Every day Moscow’s best caterers will have to serve a thematic lunch buffet. According to the rules, menus should include starters, a main course, a dessert and a fruit composition. The competition will feature a tasting session of the meals which will be accessible for the visitors with tickets (available on our site from August 1st).

Special project within "PIR" exhibition: the PIZZA SHOW

Creating single centralized area for pizza industry specialists coming from Moscow, Russian regions and CIS countries, near abroad, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Today pizza is the most popular Italian dish valued around the world. Sociological questioning shows that 78% of people believe pizza being their favorite dish. Average European resident consumes nearly 300 kg of pizza annually and as for worldwide half of billion pizzas is eaten every day! And this is only the data granted by specialized venues, pizzerias and cafes, leaving alone pizza cooked at home. Italy produces annually 2.5 billion pizzas solus.

Russian pizzeria industry as well as interest of clients, grows up and expands actively absorbing all-new positions.

Here at PIZZA SHOW platform all the most actual aspects of this business will be disposed.

    Program includes:
  • Russian pizza cup (under 12th Championship of culinary and service of Russia)
  • Workshops by leading Russian and world experts, pizza makers.
  • Seminars and presentations

Can you guess which event provides students with a unique opportunity to meet experienced professionals? The right answer is the Training. Personel. Career thematic forum, which is an ideal place for employers, job hunters, fresh graduates, staffing agencies and industry-specific schools to meet each other and discuss career opportunities.

The 5th Anniversary Youth Championship of culinary and service Student PIR will be in the spotlight of the forum. For the first time the Championship will feature 2 internet-contests for students and colleges: My future profession and RESTO_Perspective!

The forum will also host the following unique events:

  • a series of seminars on various topical issues of HR organized by Restaurant business management school;
  • Find a Job! interactive campaign;
  • School Street exposition

and much more!


Already running a successful business, but craving to try something new?
Planning on investing, but need some guidance on choosing an investment project?
Having a hard time choosing the best franchise from a wide variety out there?
Searching for a business ready solution?

If yes, then the Business Forum welcomes you atits unique stage of ready-made solutions for restaurant business!

Available for forum visitors only:

  • businessexpansionideas
  • insights on franchising projects
  • exposition of franchising concepts in action (tasting sessions included)
  • start-ups
  • consulting sessions delivered through direct meetings with experts

This year, apart from traditional consulting sessions and company presentations, the Business forum will also feature an exclusive business program on promotion of ready made business. The visitors will have three days to pass their judgment on some well-known franchises and start-up projects as well.

The Business forum will embrace all the possible options of running a restaurant business. The event will be free of charge. The forum schedule will be available starting from July 15.

We are waiting for you at The Business forum!


Are you a professional cook or a confectioner? Are you ready to take the ultimate challenge in a competition, to test your level and test your strengths?

If yes, then the 12th Russian culinary and service Championship hosted by PIR Expo exhibition project is for you!

In 2014 the Championship will feature:

  • Art-class exposition
  • Classes exposition (no tasting sessions included)
  • The best grill-master contest
  • Catering Cup competition

All Terms and Condidtions can be downloaded from www.cookchamp.ru. You will be assessed by a highly qualified professional panel of judges comprising renowned industry experts!


How can a young cook stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the best local chefs? The 5th junior Russian championship of culinary art & service Student PIR is a runway for young talents!

Held under the theme of Russian cuisine, this year the contest will encourage students to share their vision of Russian cooking style.

We are greatly concerned by the future of the industry! For this reason, we are doing our best to foster a new generation of chefs by engaging the students of culinary schools.

The terms of participation and application forms can be already found at www.cookchamp.ru

Attention! This year we have something new for you. In 2014 you will have the chance to win even before PIR Expo takes place – we are launching internet contests for colleges and students!

We are waiting for your applications!


  • Exhibition partners
  • Media partners


Stanislav Mukhanov
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 119
Andrey Kalantyra
Head of the exhibition
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 130
Anna Batova
Senior Partnership Manager
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 133
Regina Marchenko
Senior Customer Manager
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 131
Natalia Vladimirova
Foreign Customer Manager
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 137
Veronika Tenkova
Sales Manager
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 143
Natalia Karavaeva
Partnership Manager
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40 Ext. 134


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How to get to the exhibition?

Address of exhibition: Moscow, 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road Trade and exhibition complex «Crocus City», «Crocus Expo IEC»

Subway station: «Myakinino»

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Organizers «PIR Expo»

The actual address: Moscow, 3rd Yamskogo polya str., estate 2, building 26, 2d floor, office 102.

Mail address: 125124, Moscow, p.o. 48

Telephone/Fax: +7 (495) 637-94-40

E-mail: info@pir.ru

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